The 7 Minute Online Course Success Calculator

Want to build an online course but aren't 100% sure if you should, or the best way to go about it?

Based on my conversations with over 300 people, from those interested in creating their first course to my interviews of the creators of courses that make literally millions of dollars...

I've created this calculator which will answer the most common questions I get, and give you guidance on whether or not you should build an online course.

Come with an idea, and leave with a plan.
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So...should you build a course?

Your score was {{var_score}}%

Based on this score, we consider this course as likely to be successful!

We put any scores above 50% in this category.

I even built you a specific plan based on your results to make sure you maximize the results for your course.

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So...should you build a course?

Your score was {{var_score}}%

In this situation, we would suggest that a course is a potentially risky project for you and your business.

We put any scores below 50% in this category.

Not to worry, in most cases this just means the plan for the project needs to be clarified and refined before proceeding, in order to maximize your success :)

Speaking of which, I just finished building you a custom action plan based on your results! Click the button to learn more!