The 7 Minute Online Course Success Calculator

Want to build an online course but aren't 100% sure if you should, or the best way to go about it?

Based on my conversations with over 300 people, from those interested in creating their first course to my interviews of the creators of courses that make literally millions of dollars...

I've created this calculator which will answer the most common questions I get, and give you guidance on whether or not you should build an online course.

Come with an idea, and leave with a plan.
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Do you have at least 2 hours / week to dedicate to this project? *

Keep in mind most people wildly overestimate how much time they can dedicate to things, by >50% on average. If you think you only have 2 hours exactly, then you should answer "no".
How EXCITED are you to build an online course? *

This is an important question, because making a great course takes great work. If you aren't 100% all won't get done or at least it won't be good!

How CONFIDENT are you currently in this project? *

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."
- William Feather

Is the success of your business dependent on the success of this project? *

As in, are you putting all of your chips on black by considering this?
How clear are you on the topic of the course? *

Does your course have a specific, tangible, clearly valuable outcome? *

By the end of the course people will have...
- Cured their insomnia / anxiety
- Double the revenue of their business
- Feel 2x as confident in their relationship
- Lost 10 lbs
Please summarize your course topic here, including topic, and main points to be covered, as well as anything else you currently have figured out about it. *

Topic - ketogenic diet
Main outcomes of the course:  By the end of the course students will understand... - The benefits of a keto diet - When to suggest it to clients
Have you built any previous content on this general topic before? *

Could be a book, podcast, blog posts, PDF guides, etc.
Have people already bought something from you, on this same topic? *

This is an important step in validation - it can be a book, services, paid workshops, consulting, etc.
Is this a topic or industry you are extremely familiar with, or are you trying to break into something new? *

If you had to guess, how long do you think it would take to build this course on your own? *

Keep in mind that studies show your initial estimate will be about 50% too low. (Look up "The Planning Fallacy" to learn more about this effect - it is quite interesting!)

If you had to get the course done next week, how would you approach it? (in an ideal world) *

How much revenue would you like this course project to generate for your company per year? *

How much is it worth it to you (how much would you able to invest) to achieve this goal? *

Keep in mind that your budget, and how much revenue is generate, is generally tightly correlated. A good rule of thumb is to budget 10-20% of what you want your course to earn.

How many people do you think you could get the course in front of? Note: not to buy, just to be made aware of it

(Approximate the total number of people when you combine your email list, social following, the audience of potential partners, etc) *

Example: 3000 email list, 1000 on social, 1000 via my book, and 2000 through upcoming speaking gigs = 7,000

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So...should you build a course?

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Based on this score, we consider this course as likely to be successful!

We put any scores above 50% in this category.

I even built you a specific plan based on your results to make sure you maximize the results for your course.

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So...should you build a course?

Your score was {{var_score}}%

In this situation, we would suggest that a course is a potentially risky project for you and your business.

We put any scores below 50% in this category.

Not to worry, in most cases this just means the plan for the project needs to be clarified and refined before proceeding, in order to maximize your success :)

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